Slimware - Tonnage Signature Analysis Software

Slimware - Tonnage Signature Analysis Software

Slimware - Tonnage Signature Analysis Software

Slimware is an inexpensive approach to advanced tonnage monitoring and signature analysis at the press. Slimware works in conjunction with the SLIM, signature Load interface Module, or N260 Series Monitor, to process the tonnage information and generate resolver-based signatures. If you are looking to put industrial PCs at your presses, the SLIM and Slimware could be just right for you!

Peak tonnages and signatures are generated after each stroke. Additional information includes:

  • Current working tonnage
  • Reverse load
  • Highest tonnage
  • High & low tonnage limits
  • Benchmark tonnage
  • Press capacity
  • Number of high alarms
  • Password protection

Tonnage Alarms: Tonnage alarms are easily identified. The alarm box automatically appears, the type of alarm is identified and the tonnage signature is automatically generated and displayed. The alarmed tonnage signature can be overlaid with a reference signature to quickly identify where the change occurred. The shutdown relay is physically located on the SLIM and the reset function can be handled through Slimware or an external reset switch.

Tonnage Alarm Settings: SlimWare offers the most comprehensive alarm functions in the industry. Capacity Alarms provide press overload protection. CCM Alarms use the press manufacturer's rated tonnage curve and press motion diagram for overload protection throughout the stroke. A CCM Immediate Shutdown instantly stops the press if an overload is detected. With Enveloping Alarms, high and low tonnage limits are generated around the signature for quality assurance. High & Low Alarms give peak high and low tonnage limits for tooling protection.

Tonnage Alarm Statistics: Tonnage alarms are recorded and stored in a history file. It is easily viewed with a push of a button. The highest and lowest loads are logged. The number of high and low alarms that occurred for each corner are displayed. The last high and low alarms are tracked. The last alarm value is also recorded. This password protected data can be used to determine possible press and die problems and alert the need for action. Prevent a problem before it starts by using SlimWare's alarm statistics and signatures.

Sample Screen Shots


Slimware Signature


Slimware Alarmed


Slimware Settings


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Standard Product SLIM Signature Based Tonnage Monitor
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